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Explo Gasprojector GX2

Last modified: Created: Author: GloryfireSourceRevisions

Physical data

260 × 390 × 260mm width × height × depth
DMX connector

Standard mode

DMX channels

  1. Channel type: EffectIgnition
    DMX values Capability
    0 252Capability type: NoFunctionNo ignition
    253 255Capability type: EffectSingle ignition
  2. Channel type: EffectValve Opening Time
    DMX values Capability
    0 10Capability type: NoFunctionSaftety zone
    11 13Capability type: TimeTime 20…60ms (Small fireball)
    14 34Capability type: TimeTime 80…480ms (Flame pillar)
    35 60Capability type: TimeTime 500…1000ms (Larger flames)
    61 200Capability type: TimeTime 1020…3800ms (Extra large flames)
    201 250Capability type: EffectFlame every 5 seconds
    251 255Capability type: NoFunctionSafety zone

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