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Galaxis G-Flame g-flame

Last modified: Created: Author: William TessierSourceRevisions
Very versatile flame effect device due to various control inputs: DMX, 12-24V, ext. contact, radio and RS485 Note that this fixture listens to two channels that don't need to be adjacent, so they are represented by different modes here.

Physical data

300 × 300 × 350mm width × height × depth
DMX connector
5-pin XLR IP65

Flame Channel mode flame

DMX channels

  1. Channel type: EffectFlame
    Default DMX value
    DMX values Capability
    0 228Capability type: NoFunctionFlame Off
    229 255Capability type: EffectFlame On (when Safety is off)

Safety Channel mode safety

DMX channels

  1. Channel type: MaintenanceSafety
    Default DMX value
    DMX values Capability
    0 15Capability type: MaintenanceSafety ON
    16 255Capability type: MaintenanceSafety OFF

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