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Elation Design LED Par Zoom ElationDLEDParZoom

Last modified: Created: Author: Flo EdelmannSourceRevisions

Physical data

79 × 76.5 × 60mm width × height × depth
DMX connector


Bulb type
36× 3W LEDs (10× red, 16× green, 10× blue)


Beam angle

8-channel mode 8ch

DMX channels

  1. Channel type: Single Color, RedRed
    Can crossfade?
    DMX values Capability
    0 255Capability type: ColorIntensityRed off…bright
  2. Channel type: Single Color, GreenGreen
    Can crossfade?
    DMX values Capability
    0 255Capability type: ColorIntensityGreen off…bright
  3. Channel type: Single Color, BlueBlue
    Can crossfade?
    DMX values Capability
    0 255Capability type: ColorIntensityBlue off…bright
  4. Channel type: Multi-ColorColor Macros
    DMX values Capability
    0 0Capability type: NoFunctionNo function
    1 7Capability type: ColorPresetR02 Bastard Amber
    8 15Capability type: ColorPresetR04 Medium Amber
    16 23Capability type: ColorPresetR09 Pale Amber Gold
    24 31Capability type: ColorPresetR316 Gallo Gold
    32 39Capability type: ColorPresetR21 Golden Amber
    40 47Capability type: ColorPresetR26 Light Red
    48 55Capability type: ColorPresetR27 Medium Red
    56 63Capability type: ColorPresetR36 Medium Pink
    64 71Capability type: ColorPresetR339 Broadway Pink
    72 79Capability type: ColorPresetR344 Follies Pink
    80 87Capability type: ColorPresetR52 Light Lavender
    88 95Capability type: ColorPresetR54 Special Lavender
    96 103Capability type: ColorPresetR57 Lavender
    104 111Capability type: ColorPresetR59 Indigo
    112 119Capability type: ColorPresetR361 Hemsley Blue
    120 127Capability type: ColorPresetR362 Tipton Blue
    128 135Capability type: ColorPresetR64 Light Steel Blue
    136 143Capability type: ColorPresetR67 Light Sky Blue
    144 151Capability type: ColorPresetR68 Sky Blue
    152 159Capability type: ColorPresetR69 Brilliant Blue
    160 167Capability type: ColorPresetR76 Light Green Blue
    168 175Capability type: ColorPresetR79 Bright Blue
    176 183Capability type: ColorPresetR80 Primary Blue
    184 191Capability type: ColorPresetR382 Congo Blue
    192 199Capability type: ColorPresetR87 Pale Yellow Green
    200 207Capability type: ColorPresetR89 Moss Green
    208 215Capability type: ColorPresetR91 Primary Green
    216 223Capability type: ColorPresetL200 Double CTB
    224 231Capability type: ColorPresetL201 Full CTB
    232 239Capability type: ColorPresetL202 1/2 CTB
    240 247Capability type: ColorPresetL119 Dark Blue
    248 255Capability type: ColorPreset, color: #ffffffWhite
  5. Channel type: EffectInternal Programs
    Default DMX value
    DMX values Capability
    0 10Capability type: NoFunctionNo function
    Channel 7 → Dimmer
    11 40Capability type: EffectInternal program 1
    Channel 7 → Program Speed
    41 70Capability type: EffectInternal program 2
    Channel 7 → Program Speed
    71 100Capability type: EffectInternal program 3
    Channel 7 → Program Speed
    101 130Capability type: EffectInternal program 4
    Channel 7 → Program Speed
    131 160Capability type: EffectInternal program 5
    Channel 7 → Program Speed
    161 190Capability type: EffectInternal program 6
    Channel 7 → Program Speed
    191 220Capability type: EffectInternal program 7
    Channel 7 → Program Speed
    221 255Capability type: EffectColor fade
    Channel 7 → Program Speed
  6. Channel type: StrobeShutter / Strobe
    Default DMX value
    DMX values Capability
    0 31Capability type: ShutterStrobeShutter closed
    32 63Capability type: ShutterStrobeShutter open
    64 95Capability type: ShutterStrobeStrobe 0…18Hz
    96 127Capability type: ShutterStrobeShutter open
    128 159Capability type: ShutterStrobePulse strobe
    160 191Capability type: ShutterStrobeShutter open
    192 223Capability type: ShutterStrobeRandom strobe slow…fast
    224 255Capability type: ShutterStrobeShutter open
  7. Channel type: Switching ChannelDimmer / Program Speed Switches depending on trigger channel's value.
    Trigger channel
    Internal Programs (channel 5)
    1. Channel type: IntensityDimmer (default)
      Activated when
      Trigger channel is set to 0…10
      Can crossfade?
      DMX values Capability
      0 255Capability type: IntensityIntensity off…bright
    2. Channel type: SpeedProgram Speed
      Activated when
      Trigger channel is set to 11…255
      Can crossfade?
      DMX values Capability
      0 255Capability type: EffectSpeedEffect speed slow…fast
  8. Channel type: ZoomZoom
    Is inverted?
    Can crossfade?
    DMX values Capability
    0 255Capability type: ZoomZoom 49…7°

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