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BeamZ Panther 7R panther-7r

Last modified: Created: Author: Matteo PiccinaSourceRevisions
Help wanted!You can help to improve this fixture definition! Specific questions are included in the capabilities below.

Physical data

370 × 470 × 290mm width × height × depth
DMX connector


Bulb type
MSD 7R 230W
Color temperature


Beam angle


Slot 1: OpenSlot 2: RedSlot 3: YellowSlot 4: Light blueSlot 5: GreenSlot 6: OrangeSlot 7: MagentaSlot 8: Cream whiteSlot 9: BlueSlot 10: Light yellowSlot 11: Cold whiteSlot 12: AquamarineSlot 13: Warm whiteSlot 14: WhiteSlot 15: Cyan
Color Wheel
Slot 1Open
Slot 2Red
Slot 3Yellow
Slot 4Light blue
Slot 5Green
Slot 6Orange
Slot 7Magenta
Slot 8Cream white
Slot 9Blue
Slot 10Light yellow
Slot 11Cold white
Slot 12Aquamarine
Slot 13Warm white
Slot 14White
Slot 15Cyan
Slot 1: OpenSlot 2: Iris 10%Slot 3: Iris 20%Slot 4: Iris 30%Slot 5: Iris 45%Slot 6: Iris 60%Slot 7: Iris 75%Slot 8: Gobo Lines 1 Slot 9: Gobo 3-pointed star 2 Slot 10: Gobo 4-pointed star 3 Slot 11: Gobo Big bubbles 4 Slot 12: Gobo Snakes 5 Slot 13: Gobo 12-pointed star 6 Slot 14: Gobo Blob 7 Slot 15: Gobo Many small bubbles 8 Slot 16: Gobo Few small bubbles 9 Slot 17: Gobo Line 1 10 Slot 18: Gobo Line 2 11
Gobo Wheel
Slot 1Open
Slot 2Iris 10%
Slot 3Iris 20%
Slot 4Iris 30%
Slot 5Iris 45%
Slot 6Iris 60%
Slot 7Iris 75%
Slot 8Gobo Lines
Slot 9Gobo 3-pointed star
Slot 10Gobo 4-pointed star
Slot 11Gobo Big bubbles
Slot 12Gobo Snakes
Slot 13Gobo 12-pointed star
Slot 14Gobo Blob
Slot 15Gobo Many small bubbles
Slot 16Gobo Few small bubbles
Slot 17Gobo Line 1
Slot 18Gobo Line 2

16-channel mode 16ch

DMX channels

  1. Channel type: PanPan
    Fine channels
    Pan fine (channel 3)
    Can crossfade?
    DMX values Capability
    0 65535Capability type: PanPan 0…540°
  2. Channel type: TiltTilt
    Fine channels
    Tilt fine (channel 4)
    Can crossfade?
    DMX values Capability
    0 65535Capability type: TiltTilt 0…265°
  3. Channel type: PanPan fine
    Fine channel of Pan (channel 1)
  4. Channel type: TiltTilt fine
    Fine channel of Tilt (channel 2)
  5. Channel type: SpeedPan/Tilt Speed
    Is inverted?
    Can crossfade?
    DMX values Capability
    0 255Capability type: PanTiltSpeedPan/tilt movement fast…slow
  6. Channel type: StrobeStrobe
    DMX values Capability
    0 4Capability type: NoFunctionNo function
    5 250Capability type: ShutterStrobeStrobe 0…13Hz
    251 255Capability type: NoFunctionNo function
  7. Channel type: IntensityDimmer
    Can crossfade?
    DMX values Capability
    0 255Capability type: IntensityIntensity off…bright
  8. Channel type: EffectAuto
    DMX values Capability
    0 127Capability type: NoFunctionNo function
    128 255Capability type: EffectAuto running
  9. Channel type: Multi-ColorColor Wheel Help wanted!
    DMX values Capability
    0 7Capability type: WheelSlot, color: #ffffffOpen
    8 15Capability type: WheelSlot, color: #ff0000Red
    16 23Capability type: WheelSlot, color: #ffff00Yellow
    24 31Capability type: WheelSlot, color: #80aaffLight blue
    32 39Capability type: WheelSlot, color: #00ff00Green
    40 47Capability type: WheelSlot, color: #ff8000Orange
    48 55Capability type: WheelSlot, color: #ff00ffMagenta
    56 63Capability type: WheelSlot, color: #ffcfaaCream white
    64 71Capability type: WheelSlot, color: #0000ffBlue
    72 79Capability type: WheelSlot, color: #ffff80Light yellow
    80 87Capability type: WheelSlot, color: #c4e7ffCold white
    88 95Capability type: WheelSlot, color: #000080Aquamarine
    96 103Capability type: WheelSlot, color: #ffdec4Warm white
    104 111Capability type: WheelSlot, color: #ffffffWhite
    112 119Capability type: WheelSlot, color: #00ffffCyan
    120 127Capability type: WheelSlot, color: #ffffffOpen
    128 191Capability type: WheelRotationColor Wheel rotation CW slow…fast
    Help wanted!Is this slow…fast or fast…slow?
    192 255Capability type: WheelRotationColor Wheel rotation CCW slow…fast
  10. Channel type: GoboGobo Wheel
    DMX values Capability
    0 3Capability type: WheelSlot, color: #ffffffOpen
    4 7Capability type: WheelSlotIris 10%
    8 11Capability type: WheelSlotIris 20%
    12 15Capability type: WheelSlotIris 30%
    16 19Capability type: WheelSlotIris 45%
    20 23Capability type: WheelSlotIris 60%
    24 27Capability type: WheelSlotIris 75%
    28 31Capability type: WheelSlotGobo Lines
    32 35Capability type: WheelSlotGobo 3-pointed star
    36 39Capability type: WheelSlotGobo 4-pointed star
    40 43Capability type: WheelSlotGobo Big bubbles
    44 47Capability type: WheelSlotGobo Snakes
    48 51Capability type: WheelSlotGobo 12-pointed star
    52 55Capability type: WheelSlotGobo Blob
    56 59Capability type: WheelSlotGobo Many small bubbles
    60 63Capability type: WheelSlotGobo Few small bubbles
    64 67Capability type: WheelSlotGobo Line 1
    68 71Capability type: WheelSlotGobo Line 2
    72 113Capability type: WheelRotationGobo Wheel rotation CW slow…fast
    114 118Capability type: WheelRotationGobo Wheel rotation stop
    119 160Capability type: WheelRotationGobo Wheel rotation CCW slow…fast
    161 165Capability type: WheelRotationGobo Wheel rotation stop
    166 170Capability type: WheelShake, color: #ffffffOpen shake slow…fast
    171 175Capability type: WheelShakeIris 10% shake slow…fast
    176 180Capability type: WheelShakeIris 20% shake slow…fast
    181 185Capability type: WheelShakeIris 30% shake slow…fast
    186 190Capability type: WheelShakeIris 45% shake slow…fast
    191 195Capability type: WheelShakeIris 60% shake slow…fast
    196 200Capability type: WheelShakeIris 75% shake slow…fast
    201 205Capability type: WheelShakeGobo Lines shake slow…fast
    206 210Capability type: WheelShakeGobo 3-pointed star shake slow…fast
    211 215Capability type: WheelShakeGobo 4-pointed star shake slow…fast
    216 220Capability type: WheelShakeGobo Big bubbles shake slow…fast
    221 225Capability type: WheelShakeGobo Snakes shake slow…fast
    226 230Capability type: WheelShakeGobo 12-pointed star shake slow…fast
    231 235Capability type: WheelShakeGobo Blob shake slow…fast
    236 240Capability type: WheelShakeGobo Many small bubbles shake slow…fast
    241 245Capability type: WheelShakeGobo Few small bubbles shake slow…fast
    246 250Capability type: WheelShakeGobo Line 1 shake slow…fast
    251 255Capability type: WheelShakeGobo Line 2 shake slow…fast
  11. Channel type: PrismPrism
    DMX values Capability
    0 127Capability type: NoFunctionNo function
    128 255Capability type: PrismPrism (8-facet)
  12. Channel type: SpeedPrism Rotation Help wanted!
    DMX values Capability
    0 127Capability type: PrismRotationPrism rotation 0…360°
    Help wanted!Are these the correct angles?
    128 190Capability type: PrismRotationPrism rotation CW slow…fast
    Help wanted!Is this the clockwise or counterclockwise? Is this slow…fast or fast…slow?
    191 192Capability type: PrismRotationPrism rotation stop
    193 255Capability type: PrismRotationPrism rotation CCW slow…fast
  13. Channel type: FocusFocus
    Can crossfade?
    DMX values Capability
    0 255Capability type: FocusFocus near…far
  14. Channel type: MaintenanceReset
    DMX values Capability
    0 76Capability type: NoFunctionNo function
    77 127Capability type: MaintenancePan/Tilt reset
    128 255Capability type: MaintenanceAll reset
  15. Channel type: MaintenanceLamp
    DMX values Capability
    0 25Capability type: NoFunctionNo function
    26 100Capability type: MaintenanceLamp off (hold 3s)
    101 255Capability type: MaintenanceLamp on (hold 3s)
  16. Channel type: EffectFrost
    Can crossfade?
    DMX values Capability
    0 255Capability type: FrostFrost off…high

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