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Aputure LS 300x

Last modified: Created: Authors: Peter Zuiderent, Flo EdelmannSourceRevisions

Physical data

298 × 216 × 345mm width × height × depth
DMX connector


Bulb type

Default mode

DMX channels

  1. Channel type: IntensityIntensity
    Can crossfade?
    DMX values Capability
    0 255Capability type: IntensityIntensity off…bright
  2. Channel type: Color TemperatureCCT Control
    DMX values Capability
    0 195Capability type: ColorTemperatureColor temperature 2700…6500K
    196 255Capability type: NoFunctionNo function
  3. Channel type: IntensityFrequency Control
    DMX values Capability
    0 19Capability type: Generic1
    20 39Capability type: Generic2
    40 59Capability type: Generic3
    60 79Capability type: Generic4
    80 99Capability type: Generic5
    100 119Capability type: Generic6
    120 139Capability type: Generic7
    140 159Capability type: Generic8
    160 179Capability type: Generic9
    180 199Capability type: Generic10
    200 219Capability type: GenericR
    220 255Capability type: NoFunctionNo function
  4. Channel type: IntensityMode Selection
    DMX values Capability
    0 127Capability type: GenericManual Mode
    128 255Capability type: GenericFX Mode
  5. Channel type: EffectFX Control
    DMX values Capability
    0 19Capability type: EffectPaparazzi
    20 39Capability type: EffectFireworks
    40 59Capability type: EffectFaulty Bulb
    60 79Capability type: EffectLightning
    80 99Capability type: EffectTV
    100 119Capability type: EffectPulsing
    120 139Capability type: EffectStrobe
    140 159Capability type: EffectExplosion
    160 179Capability type: EffectFire
    180 255Capability type: NoFunctionNo function
  6. Channel type: IntensityStart Trigger
    DMX values Capability
    0 0Capability type: GenericStart Point
    1 127Capability type: GenericSingle Trigger
    128 255Capability type: GenericCycle Mode (Lightning)

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