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OP-Z Plugin

Export plugin version 0.1.0

Teenage Engineering's OP-Z synthesizer and sequencer has a separate track for controlling light fixtures via DMX. The DMX configuration is saved in a dmx.json file. This OFL plugin exports that file for a given set of fixtures, however, it is likely that it needs manual adjustments to fit the exact configuration and workflow of the user.

The OP-Z only allows 16 fixtures to be used at the same time, so the config section will only include the first mode of the first 16 fixtures; the profiles section will contain all.

File locations

OP-Z in content mode

Main (system) library: /config/dmx.json

Additional information

OP-Z channel types

This table is taken from the how_to_dmx.txt file in OP-Z's content mode.

Note: The table in the OP-Z online manual is out of date. dial 1 there is now actually knob1 (and so on).

channel range description
red 0 – 255 red color
green 0 – 255 green color
blue 0 – 255 blue color
white 0 – 255 white color
color 0 – 255 color wheel
intensity 0 – 255 intensity / dimmer
fog 0, 255 triggered by animation 14
knob1 0 – 255 green knob (page 1)
knob2 0 – 255 blue knob (page 1)
knob3 0 – 255 yellow knob (page 1)
knob4 0 – 255 red knob (page 1)
knob5 0 – 255 green knob (page 2)
knob6 0 – 255 blue knob (page 2)
knob7 0 – 255 yellow knob (page 2)
knob8 0 – 255 red knob (page 2)
0 – 255 0 – 255 custom fixed value
on 255 always on
off 0 always off

Help wanted: One of the example fixtures in the OP-Z's default dmx.json contains a strobe channel. Is that channel type actually supported? Please help us support it, should it be available.

The knobs are assigned to the first 8 DMX channels that are not natively supported by the OP-Z (i.e. color channels, intensity and fog channels). The same channel in different modes is assigned the same knob. After all knobs are assigned, remaining channels are just represented by their default DMX value. Fine channels and null channels are always off.

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