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e:cue Plugin

Export plugin version 0.3.0 | Import plugin version 0.3.1

e:cue Lighting Application Suite's Programmer outputs DMX via e*net, a proprietary network protocol that is only understood by e:cue Butler dongles.

A large (but a bit outdated) library is included. Some fixtures are available from their support forum. New fixtures can be created and imported in the Library Editor application.

Fixture usage

Open the Library Editor application. Then either right-click User Library in the left panel and select Merge Import…, or select Library > Extern > Load/Convert… in the menu and select the downloaded file.

File locations

Fixture files in subdirectories are not recognized.


Main (system) library: C:\ProgramData\ecue\Library V7.0\MainLibrary.xml
User library: C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\AppData\Local\ecue\Library V7.0\UserLibrary.xml

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