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Dragonframe Plugin

Export plugin version 1.0.0

Dragonframe is software for stop motion filmmaking, with DMX programming capabilities. Dragonframe 5 will support lighting fixtures. The fixture format is essentially the OFL format at schema version 12.2.1

Install fixture definitions

Browse to the fixture you want to download, then select Dragonframe in the Download as… button.

Dragonframe will include light fixture definitions.

If you need to add new ones, you can create them manually or via the OFL website and place the JSON files in the user directory specified below.

File locations

Fixture files in subdirectories are recognized.


User library: C:\Users\yourUsername\Dragonframe\LightFixtures

Mac OS

User library: ~/Dragonframe/LightFixtures


User library: ~/Dragonframe/LightFixtures

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