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DMXControl 3 (DDF3) Plugin

Export plugin version 0.1.1

Free lighting software, especially common in Germany, developed and distributed by the non-profit association DMXControl Projects e.V., works only on Windows.

This plugin handles Device Definition Files (DDF) of version 3, used in DMXControl 3. They are saved as XML files (one file per mode) and can be created with the DDFCreator program.

Help wanted!You can help to improve this plugin! Note that this plugin does not produce very reliable DDF3 fixture definitions yet, so please double-check the output and report any issues. Code contributions via pull requests are of course very welcome!

Install fixture definitions

Browse to the fixture you want to download, then select DMXControl 3 (DDF3) in the Download as… button.

Import fixture in Device Listing window (Devices > Device Listing), then patch it (Display > Patch).

File locations

Fixture files in subdirectories are not recognized.


Main (system) library: C:\Program Files\DMXControl3\Kernel\Devices\

Additional information

Definition files may be stored in subfolders, but the filenames still need to be unique (Devices\manA\fix123.xml and Devices\manB\fix123.xml doesn't work). Note that the DDFCreator software doesn't recognize subfolders.

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