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Eurolite Color Chief 2.0 Plugin

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The Color Chief DMX controller offers an innovative control concept combining easy handling with astounding results. It has been developed especially for both colored spot lights and simpler light effects. Altogether, the Color Chief can control a total of 8 spot lights with up to 4 segments each.

Help wanted!You can help to improve this plugin! Is it possible for multiple patched fixtures to have the same DMX start address in the Color Chief configuration? This is currently needed for large fixture modes that occupy more than 4 segments, e.g. Showtec Pixel Bar 12 MKII's RGB Individual mode.

Install fixture definitions

Browse to the fixture you want to download, then select Eurolite Color Chief 2.0 in the Download as… button.

Place the downloaded *.lib fixture files into a folder called COLORCHIEF in the root of the USB stick.
The corresponding *.txt files are a human readable form of how the channels are mapped to the control elements.

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