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AGLight Plugin

Export plugin version 1.0.0

AGLight is a lighting software with a completely configurable UI. You can add different widgets and build your own user interface with drag and drop.

Install fixture definitions

Browse to the fixture you want to download, then select AGLight in the Download as… button.

You don't need to download the fixtures, just click on the library button in the bottom statusbar and click update.

However, if the device you run AGLight on is not connected to the internet, you can also copy the exported fixture library to that device. See below for the directory paths. You need to rename the file to library.json.

File locations

Fixture files in subdirectories are not recognized.


User library: C:\Users\yourUsername\AppData\Roaming\aglight\library\library.json

Mac OS

User library: ~/Library/Application Support/aglight/library/library.json


User library: ~/.config/aglight/library/library.json

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